WTB 33x10.5xR15 Tires

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Aug 29, 2006
I know it is a hard to find set of tires used in decent shape but I have some time to try my luck here and craigslist. (spare, four, or five tires would be useful)

KO2's are much more expensive new than the last set of BFG's I purchased.
($185 + tax + mounting is the lowest discount would go)

To make this post a little more interesting I was considering adding some dealer strips to my all white FJ40 similar to this fine example. What do you think?
If you want more options you can FAB tabs onto most steel wheels and mount the OEM caps. I ended up with a set of 17" fjcruiser wheels with bfg ats for $250. I fabbed some clips and welded them to the wheels. Looking under the caps may be a bit like looking up a trannies skirt, but who does that, right?:meh:
@murf had some wheels modded by professionals, he could possibly refer you to someone. Anyway, just a thought since the options for 15" tires seem to be fleeting and used tires in 17" are much more plentiful. I love the OEM look too...


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