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United States
Howdy all,

My brother has cash and is looking to buy a 4 door Tundra 4WD soon. His preferences:

Maintenance history.
Any color but white.
Prefers leather interior.
Less than 100K miles.
Prefers 06 for the I-Force V-8 and 5 speed auto.

He is located in Abilene, TX, but can travel or will pay for shipping for the right rig.

Please help me help him get out of his 1994 single cab, long bed Chevy. This man needs a Toyota!:grinpimp:
Dec 29, 2005
Craig, CO
I've been shopping a bit for Tundras. Check out the Denver, and other Colorado Craigslist ads. Can't personally vouch for them, but there has been a couple of nice looking double cabs on there.

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