Woo Hoo!!! May/June is here!

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Looks great, and nice touch on the Hall Of Fame write up. Good stuff. :)
I see my trip report made it into the mag. Sweet. :D

No how long does postage take to ZA? :frown:
Excellent answer. Dam right, even if it had to drift over it would beat a Canada delivery...
Trails arrived in Fort St. John, NE BC yesterday. Rob, PM me your address if you want one. :beer:
My issue made it here on the 2nd.

Nice job on the quick turnaround for the River Shiver and Roundup writeups!
Thanks, I will wait and see how long it takes, not in a big hurry.

Trails arrived in Fort St. John, NE BC yesterday. Rob, PM me your address if you want one. :beer:
I'm going to pre-empt this thread with my now standard response to Trails not showing up in the mail - cuz it seems these threads tend to bring that out, sometimes in not so nice ways. :) Here goes:

If you have bulk mail delivery & MOST of you do - be patient - remember Bulk mail can take anywhere from 1 week - 6 weeks to reach you. If you haven't received the issue by May 25th, please email me at membership@tlca.org & you'll be taken care of. In that same arena, if you've moved & didn't tell us, bulk mail is NOT forwarded so you'll need to advise us of your new address immediately. We regret that we cannot send out missed issue due to address changes not communicated to the office so you must pick up those issue on-line or maybe one of the nice people here on Mud has an extra they'd send you. :)

For all of our 1st class delivery folks, if you haven't received your issue by Tuesday, May 15th, please email me.

I think that about covers it & I will now return you to your regularly scheduled WOO HOO TRAILS IS HERE thread already in progress. Buzzkill out, have a pleasant day. :cheers:
Received my TT today, perfect as usual.

I really dig the TLCA Hall of Fame with all the old school cruisers and folks.
No new issue here either. I just re-upped for 07....
unfortunately, I am still waiting on my lastest issue. hope to have it soon. I am dying to see K9's Cullhowee article
May/June ....... July/August???

I never got a May/June issue, and yet my membership never laxed, I re-upped online with my CC ahead of time. I did get a July/August issue.

Was there a May/June issue???
No I just got home, I have been away for 2 months. I didn't think there would be a problem as I re-upped my membership a month early.


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