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Apr 5, 2005
A little status on Wolfden while i have the time here right now.

It has been cleaned up from one end to the other already. The Zuzuki club is up here right now and will be cleaning all of the trails this weekend also. They seen me out there on Wolfden so they know it is already done. Talked for a long time with Janet today, as she is the one that rally controls the trails out here if you know what i mean. We already have 3 hours credited for our club for Wolfden now from today.

Now for the pics of the work i think needs to be fixed.
last ones for now will talk abit more about it later
Going to go cook a big honking steak now.Ya'll be good now.....
thanks for the info and post. I will bring a post hole digger along with my shovel. will they have timbers for the fence or do we need to take care of that?
Eric, they will provide the materials like fencing and what not. We need to provide the tools and manpower.

Darin, thanks for starting the work there on wolf's den, looks like it may have been some time since someone really took some time to look around them and realize it was such a mess.
Awesome... all the more easy for us :grinpimp:

Greg what kind of tools will we need.
Thanks Darin! Hate our schedules don't jive - hope you have a relaxing and fun time!

:beer: R
Well, I've got an axe, 2 shovels, post hole diggers, chainsaw, and an erosion control specialist... :D
Another update from the woods here.

Pics will show how good the steak was.

Also see what i did while having some fun in 2 wheel drive when i should of been in 4.

If you are not breaking / bending something you did not have enough fun.

Have some info for Greg from Janet but will try to call you when i get home. Greg send me a PM with a # i can call you with. Hopefully you do not mind i went and found some info for us.
Time to go cook dinner.

Good eats again tonight. Really am liking one house we found up here.
Glad to hear you found a house in the area, if it's the one hope everything works out.

As for the steering rod, I am sure you've seen people do it as a trail fix but for some who haven't, often times people will bend them back and then use the handle of a Hi Lift over the rod to reinforce the rod on the way out of the trail.
Greg you are right but for some reason i never even noticed a difference in the steering at all out there. Now if i was to go down the highway then yes i would of done the same thing you talked about. That and it gave me a good reason to break out my other toy, the dirtbike.
Thanks Darin!

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