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Sep 11, 2016
San Francisco, CA
I recently purchased a combo flood/spot 22" bar, and I'm mildly stumped on wiring it up. There are 3 wires coming from the bar: Red: +spot, Blue: +flood, Black: -neg. Obviously, I could tie the 2 positive leads together, and wire as a single light. But I'd like to wire it so the flood & spot are on separate switches. So here's where I'm hesitating... I've got 2 separate harnesses ready to do the independent switch set up, but could they both share the single Neg lead from the light? My concern is when both flood & spot are switched on, that the shared Neg would/could cause problems between the 2 harnesses/relays, etc.

Is this an issue that needs to be addressed, or am I overthinking it? I've had problems in the past with lights being double grounded, and want to avoid blowing out a brand new light bar.

I understand the basics of wiring (maybe a bit more than I give myself credit for), but I also understand enough to really screw things up. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
Jan 6, 2003
Since there's only 1 negative lead coming from the lightbar, then the spot and flood already share a common ground and you really don't have a choice other than to ground them together. As long as that negative lead is enough to carry the current for both spot and flood combined, there shouldn't be a problem. With a 22" lightbar I doubt it draws enough power to be an issue.

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