Wiper motor failed - Fixed

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Jul 5, 2017
I had problems with week wipers from the day I got my rig.

Coming back home from a 3 day trip in the Negev Desert in poring rain they failed miserably.

The reason of failure the glue that holds the 2 magnets in the motor failed after 28 years used epoxy 5 min fast setting glue.

Unfortunately, I was stupid enough not to tack picture. I will try to give some tips to make the work easier.

Use marker to mark the position of all round objects.

Disconnect the electrical connector.

Unscrew 3 screws that hold the unit to body.

I opened the gear housing to see the condition and add grease it was not necessary, it was full of good grease and good condition (mark the position of the cover before opening.

Mark the position of the motor cover, unscrew the holding screws. Try to remove the cover without taking the rotor out of its position in the carbon electrodes. check the carbon electrodes in my motor the are like new.

in the cover there are 2 magnets glued it is critical to mark their position because of polarity reason. there is ventilation hole and water and humidity may enter and cause some rust, clean it and use the epoxy glue to put them back in place

put everything together in back order

One tip manually move the wipers so the internal arm will be in the position to connect the unit back to the body.

A few hours later i drove to the snow storm on the Syrian Lebanon Israel border.

Here's some photos from an old thread to go with the above description:


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