For Sale Wild WY! Nice selection of parts from a 1972 FJ55. Ashtray, armrests, side mirror, heater tubes, wing window, hose clamps, tailgate catches.

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Oct 4, 2021
Powell, WY
United States
Nice selection of 1972 FJ55 parts. All prices include shipping. Please reply in thread. If it's not red, it's still for sale. Thanks, Dennis

1. Astray assembly. $15 shipped. SOLD
2. Arm rest. Some scuffs, but no splits or tears. $15 shipped. SOLD
3. Arm rest. Some scuffs, but no splits or tears. $15 shipped. SOLD
4. Inside door handle trims. Set of four. Driver quality. $35 shipped. SOLD
5. Passenger side mirror. Minor crack in chrome. Nice mirror glass. $65 shipped. SOLD
6. Heater tubes with provision for rear heater. $35 shipped. SOLD
7. Front turn signal lens set with trims. $45 shipped. SOLD
8. Rear reflector with trim. $25 shipped. SOLD
9. Complete reverse light assemblies. $65 shipped. SOLD
10. Tailgate catches and hardware in excellent shape. $35 shipped. SOLD
11. Plastic tailgate guides and hardware in excellent shape. $25 shipped. SOLD
12. Dome light lens. $15 shipped. SOLD
13. Original hose clamps. $35 shipped. SOLD
14. Under hood 12 volt plug with plug in cover and hardware. $35 shipped. SOLD
15. Passenger side wing window assembly. $125 shipped. SOLD
16. Tailgate window channel with sliding clips. $45 shipped. SOLD

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A few more of wing window.


hey there - I'll take the front turn signals and the arm rests if available.

I will take #5, 7, 8 ,10 and 11.
Sounds good! I have the rubber insert as well if you would like me to include it. PM on the way with Paypal info. Thanks, Dennis

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