Why you use your emergency brake!

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Mar 22, 2009
Fayetteville, NC
I was in a hurry after returning from lunch today and I jumped out of my vehicle without putting it in park. I have another truck with manual transmission and I am use to not putting the vehicle in park. I normally only use the parking brake when on a incline or decline.

Interesting thing was I was able to pull the key out why it was still in Drive. I tried it again after I moved the vehicle and was able to do it again.

Vehicle is not driveable-you can see the transmission fluid on the concrete barrier and a trail to where I moved it.

I'll get the vehicle towed and and estimate tomorrow. More to follow!
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Yes. I left the vehicle in park and was able to turn the vehicle off and remove the key.

Correction to this post-Left the vehicle in Drive and removed the key
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I'm not really following you. Did the park pawl fail on the transmission or did you leave it in DRIVE? That sucks either way and I'm guessing your insurance company will total it.
I'm confused. Isn't that normal? Put it in park, turn key off, remove key.

So did it roll even though it was in park? Sorry for your damage.
It's been a long day.....Sorry for the confusion. I left the vehicle in Drive and was able to shut the engine off remove the key. It then rolled down the hill into the barrier.
Is this common for this vehicle?I have caught myself before trying to remove the key and it wouldn't let me until I put it in Park.
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Dude, that is terrible! Be happy it didn't roll into a person or another vehicle. My 94 won't allow me to remove the key it f it's not in park. Good luck with the insurance company!
Do you really think the insurance company will total the vehicle? Disturbing thing is I have only had the vehicle for two months.
Unfortunately, it is probably totaled. Buy it back and rebuild it. You can probably get it back for cheap and use the rest of the $$ for some mods. Time to hit the trails.
I can shut my engine off and remove key in ANY gear on my '94. I've done it by mistake, lots of times. Luckily, I have a habit of using my ebrake when ever I leave vehicle. I recommend checking your vehicle to see for yourself and not assume that it won't let you do it. My 1st impression when I read OP was, why would you admit doing this? Now I can see the value of this thread and possibly save some other unsuspecting soul some grief! -My .02.
I'd bet money that you move the lever to neutral and was able to remove the key and then it rolled away. You can go from drive to neutral without pushing any buttons or either by accident or subconsiously, if you pushed the lever forward without doing anything else, it would have stopped in neutral and key could be turned off and removed.
i've removed the key when i accidentally left it in drive. truck rolled, i was lucky enough to get back in it to keep it from rolling into traffic and then into the house across the street.

sorry for your troubles.
ouch, looks bad. I bet they total it also. sounds odd if u were able to pull the key out in drive. why you tried to hop out of the car in drive i have no idea. sorry for your loss =/
Ouch Mike - that totally sucks esp since your LX is in such great shape!

If I can lend a hand in any way, let me know............

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