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Sep 25, 2006
7th Bomb Wing 9th Bomb Squadron (TX)
Did a quick search and didn't find too much on this and was curious about how people feel about the LC200 not having HID's or a HDD for music, etc ??

I feel that at the price point the LC is in now, the LC should definitely come with both. As for the HID's, my feeling is that if the technology is out there there is no excuse in the LC not having them as an option, at the very least. As far as the HDD is concerned, it's omission is inexcusable IMO. There are some SUV's priced SUBSTANTIALLY less than the LC that have both HID's and a HDD. Both features are fairly common these days and can hardly be called "luxury" items at all. Of the two, I would rather have the HDD. Maybe the '09 (which I will probably get) will address these omissions. :hmm:

Dec 8, 2007
I really do not care for HID headlights at all. In fact if I had the choice I would choose halogen over HIDs. Just my preference.

As for the Land Cruiser. I don't think it needs them. Yes the LC is expensive but that does not mean it should have it. As for a luxury suv, I don't consider it being a luxury SUV. I consider it a premium full sive SUV. I really don't like the blue tint of HID at all. I also don't like the sharp cut off that I have noticed.

Now the LX570 should be offered with HIDs. No question about that but it does have projector beam headlights that swivel which make up for it.

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