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Mar 30, 2003
Charleston SC
my 88 fj-62 whistles when i punch the gas or rev it up loud. what is it? how do i fix it?
Not sure, but make sure it doesn't get you in trouble when a pretty lady is walking down the road.
vacuum leak?
Yup... let me guess, you put on a Weber carb,... right???
If so, I think you tightened your carb-mounting bolts too tight, and are prying the adapter plates apart just far enough to create a vacuum leak... just loosen your mounting bolts a tad (maybe 1/4-1/2 a turn) should take care of it.
vacuum leak is my guess too....did you just put on a K&N filter maybe? Mine have always had a higher whistle than the stock paper ones.
i did not put on a new carb. i did replace the filter though.
Where does the whistle originate?

Sometimes muffler baffles colapse and the exhaust whistles, or maybe a smashed tail pipe? :dunno:
Deer alerts?

Heh heh.

Actually, I just did a highway trip and when I went over 3,000 rpm I got a slight whistle/high pitched rushing air kinda noise. I just kept it under 3,000. Sounded like it was coming from the air cleaner (yes, I've got a K&N).
my truck fixed itself. no more whistle. i think that the whistle was because of temperature change otherwise something was stuck and made a whistle sound. who cares its fixed.

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