where to mount my RTT

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Apr 14, 2007
I bought a RTT from a mud member and I am so far happy with my purchase.Ijust can't decide where to mount it though. I built a nice rack for my trailer but it holds my spare tire and solar panel and it sits a bit high if I put the RTT on it. I am leaning more towards putting it on my cruiser's rack but concerned with wind when its set up. Anyone have a suggestion ?
Depending on the style of RTT you have, you may get no noise.
I do not get any with mine, and I can not tell it is up there unless there is a 20+ MPH wind when going on the freeway at 50+.

Other than that, it handles pretty good with it up there.

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I had mine on the roof rack of my truck and realized that I didn't like it that high and having to pack it up every time I moved the truck so on the trailer it went. I made the gutter racks to fit.
Put it on the trailer and install a land cruiser spare tire crank assembly under the trailer to store your spare. Then get a set of drawer slides and mount your solar panel in a way that it slides from under the tent when you need it.
First post, don't hate me because I have a Jeep, we are currently in the market for a Cruiser for my wife. I have been lurking for a long time as there has been some great trailer info on here!

Anyway this is my tent set up. The tent I have is bigger than that top of the M416 so I was able to hinge it directly to the trailer. I am currently in the process of repainting it to match my other TJ as I totalled this one in a really bad roll...

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Welcome to the board, No haters here, Your tent looks interesting, never heard of 3 dogs, hows it compare to other RTT's.
Thanks for the warm welcome,
I have had the tent for a fairly long time. I imported it from Australia as I could not find anything I liked here in the states. At the time you gould not get the ARB imported in. I even stopped by their office in Seattle and offered to buy several to see if we could get a container full and resell them. I originally had it mounted higher and had the room attached below it and it was nice to have the extra room, but I did not like having the tent mounted that high on the trailer as it tended to hit trees on the trail. The tent basically sits on a 5x7 piece of wood and then opens up to double the size. You sleep on the 5x7 and the rest is open as an awning. During the summer I have rigged in a window mount A/C for the times that we are someplace with electric and it keeps it like an icebox. I have 3 daughters and I just use it for the 6 and 8 year old and I to sleep in. My other daughter is still too young so the wife stays home with her stay home as her idea of camping is in our 36' 5th wheel...

I bought my M416 back in '94 in New Jersey when a friend and I purchased 8 of them that had basically sat in a field since returning from Vietnam. Several had bullet holes in them! We sold them for enough to cover the price of ours. The trailer has been on the Rubicon, all of the trails on the East Coast and recently here in the Midwest. The tent holds up great in the rain and wind and as most others goes up in about a minute which is great for the late set ups.

Here is a link to the manufacture of the tent.
Roof Top Campers - 3 dog camping Byron Bay, Australia

This is the inside


Current height

The original paint I had on it was starting to peel away and I totaled my other TJ in this multiple roll so I am now painting it black and silver to match my current TJ.


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