Where to get clutch replaced in Co Springs?

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Mar 25, 2009
Colorado Springs
I think my clutch is going bad in my 89 PU. I have to push it really far in to get it to really engage...fluid is OK and it seems like the pedal play is all good. Can anyone recommend someone in COS to replace my clutch? Any idea what it's going to cost?
I think you should change your slave cylinder down on the transmission bell housing before you tear the trans out and replace the clutch. Having to push the pedal down all the way to the floor is a sure indication the slave cylinder is bad. Now, if the clutch is slipping that is different all together, no slip = slave cylinder. Slave cylinders are cheap, as are clutch master cylinders, I would replace them both--you'll be amazed at how much better and smoother your clutch is.

I got mine at Autozone, they had both in stock. If you're one of those people who only buys dealer parts, they will have it too. It takes two bolts and the hydraulic line to change the slave cylinder. Bleeding is very easy, instead of pump and hold--you just crack the bleeder line and have someone push down SLOWLY, then close the line and let it back up-then repeat till no air comes out. You have to "bench bleed" the master cylinder, I just do it in the vehicle.

If you have to replace your clutch, or anything in your transmission.....I HIGHLY recommend B&M transmission, they are on ford street just off Galley. No affiliation for me, they've just been helping me get my trans. back together. Talk to Ben Mcfall at the front and you will know you're in good hands, He's been answering my stupid transmission questions with a smile for almost a month now. :D
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Thanks for tip

Yeah..I can't detect any slipping but don't have a tach to really show, but I've never really felt any. I'll definitely try the slave cylinder (maybe master) replacement before spending the money on a new clutch. I really have no idea how old the clutch is in it now...the truck has 220K so I'm guessing it's been replaced before.

I think I went to B&M when I lost reverse in my 74 Dodge Dart when I lived here like 15 yrs ago...couldn't remember where I took it, but that sounds familiar.
Ended up being that piece of metal up under the dash was cracked...clutch plate holder/bracket...I forget what it's called. I rigged up some metal braces and now it's all good. The part would have been $150 and it looks like the steering column would have to be removed. I used a piece of scrap I had in the garage. I cut off an extra length for the spare parts kit.

Calling around it was $850 for a clutch replacement at the dealer and the lowest I could find was $600 somewhere else...I was glad it wasn't that!

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