Where to get a flywheel turned around here?

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Feb 2, 2007
Hickory, NC
Im getting ready to do a clutch job to the taco (might as well yank the tranny out while the crawl box and tcase are off the truck right!). I am looking for a shop around the chicagoland area (preferably the joliet, bolingbrook, naperville, aurora area) that can be trusted with turning a flywheel and not fxxx it up. Any suggestions from the mud crowd?
Barowski race enterprizes in rockdale does them. Had one done a few years ago for $30, then my dad's Tacoma about two years ago was $90! Pep Boys in Joliet also does them, never had one done there though.
I turn my own

Put key in ignition, turn key to start, flywheel turns

I crack me up
New flywheel fir my 3.4 from O'Reillys was $63.00
Had it same day
New fly wheel I used on mine.
New fly wheel I used on mine.

Nice syntax there, Jedi Master

Yes, yes, clever bunch are we. Talk like this we should always on this thread
Like to buy new one i would, but expensive they were. Parts store local I will look.
I suck balls like. No ones business. I even work the tip and swallow The gravy.

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