Where the hell is everybody?

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Sep 5, 2003
Iowa Park. TX
No Kowboy, not Butch, no Algazy, no Iggy, no Josh, and I haven't seen a post from Dhonda in forever. WTF!!!


Here Sir!!!!!
I knew I could count on the Mississippi Boys!
here! 7 days of:beer:came back to Nabors de-tox program, but I graduate on the 13th:grinpimp:
Good luck. Hope you graduate and have a relapse!!!! Been riding that Harley any?
Sittin' fat and happy in Mobile, Ala-dam-bama. Looks like be here for a few months. :cool:

Also celebratin' my birthday today. 45th. Kinda excited 'bout it ... never been 45 before. :grinpimp:

Tryin' to work out my time-off schedule ... Daryl what's the deal for Hot Springs? We still a "go"??

Yep, still a "go" for the first weekend in June at HS. I'm on site #17. See ya there?:beer::flamingo::beer::flamingo:

P.S. - I don't have the bumper on yet David but hope to get some work in on it tomorrow. I wanna add a reciever hitch before I bolt it on. Did get one of them big black plastic straw things put oh though:eek::grinpimp:
Ram air?
What about the reservations (no indian jokes).
Reservations? Do they have casinos???
What about the reservations (no indian jokes).

Don't know. I know some folks made 'em in June or October last year. I don't think they are full yet but I wouldn't wait too long to call. I don't need much room this year so if someone wants to hang out at #17 it's cool. Let me know if I can help.
Oh dont worry, I intend to not only fall off the wagon by 8 am Thursday mornin, but tear it apart sos it cant find me again till the next week. Yes took the scooter out last week, done got me a little bitty 2 up seat and rear pags ordered up for it, aint missin out on no more :princess: just cause I aint got no back seat:grinpimp:
Oh yea.....happy day-late birthday Kowboy, hope you got sloberin drunk on account of it!!!!!!
here....sort of.
what ?

there are people actually coming to this here lonely forum!

I can't believe it!

...even our President showed up! Happy birthday Kowboy!:beer:

Happy 45th birthday!
Sign me up for some of that action By Gawd! :beer:

I'll have a rental car, my ice chest, my chair, my cocoon, and maybe a stray dog outta the yard. :grinpimp:

I'm callin' shotgun in your rig too!! :cool:


Now I know you're kiddin' after you done all that bitchen about how sorry my seat are...:flipoff2:

Oh Yea - Happy Birthday "Koyboy":hillbilly:

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