Wheeling tomorrow at Browns Camp Oregon.

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Feb 19, 2011
Portland, Oregon
Hello all, I'm interested in going up to Browns Camp tomorrow, 6-10-12. Is anyone interested? I've been there a few times and know some trails but am glad to see more. I'm rolling an 80 series on 35's, locked all around. Probably getting there around noon-2pm. Any takers? Nate

FWIW, I understand that this may not be the right place to post this, but I'm not sure where to put it. I only need it posted till the morning, so feel free to delete it. But please let me know where to post such a thing. Surely our forums has a place to post invites to wheel!?!
You might try searching the clubs section and find one or two nearest you, then post the same thing in there.
I just spent a few minutes watching videos on youtube of guys wheeling at browns camp. Question is how difficult is the "trail"? can a guy like me who doesnt want to dent the piss out his DD do this run, or is it fairly tech all the time. I am interested in going but dont need any hardcore stuff.
There are many trails, but usually these runs go through harder trails. You can always get a map from ODF and go up to learn the trail system and try easier trails like most of Archers and Cedar Tree. Recommend dry weather if you haven't been. GPS is nice, but the trail system is generally well signed.

Half the challenge is finding the trails up there. ;)

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