What's wrong with my LX470?

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Mar 3, 2020
Houston, TX
CV boots are wet, some rubber is cracking, and rotating the front passenger rotor produces a grinding sound even after detaching the caliper. I packed new front bearings last summer, but maybe they wore out already. If not, what else could it be?

I'll upload a video and some pictures soon.

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As for the grinding, could it be as simple as a stone stuck between the debris shield and rotor?
Time to reboot/regrease or even replace the CV as it's clearly blown out. The grinding could be either inner or outer wheel bearings gone bad. Could also be the big balls in the CV inner joint gone bad from lack of grease. As stated above, the "grind" could be a stone caught in the debris shield....but it sure sounds like a bad bearing to me.
Thank you both for the input!

I ended up purchasing two Duralast cv axles from Autozone for $100 each. I also bought two Sankei 555 ball joints and a ball joint separator to replace both uppers.

In the process of removing my passenger-side CV axle, I broke the wheel speed sensor as it was corroded into the rotor backplate.. from what I read, I'm not the first to do that.😆 Well, I decided to order two of those with harnesses for $35 each. Someone on here said his didn't fail through his ownership of his rig (I bought from his supplied link).

What an adventure! Hopefully the grinding goes away-- I'll post again if not. Thanks everyone!
your caliper dust shield is probably slightly bent, and that is contacting the rotor. As for your CV axles, you may want to review your decision about the Autozone CV axles, unless you like doing this job frequently. The general consensus on them is that they are far, far inferior to the OEM CV axles and don't last very long at all. you get what you pay for. That is why the OEM CV axles are +- $400 ea

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