What voltage glow plugs in my 1987 Troopy 3,4 3b?

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Sep 3, 2016
Sweden (Chicago home town )
Hi fellas,having problem with starting up my Troopy ,seems that glow plugs not heating up.Its a 24v system with what I believe Super glow ,qustion is what voltage plugs is on there ,year ago summer time (it’s my get away to woods truck) I bought 23 v plugs,figure truck runs 24v so this are the right plugs.I only own this Troopy little over2 years ,start reading about 24 vsystem and find out and not all of tham use23 v plugs.The 4x4Euro where I got my parts from ( I’m in Sweden) list 2 kind 14v and 24v Hejp need it ! Haha
14v would be my bet.
Superglow on 24 volts uses a 14v plug.

Have you checked continuity on your plugs to see if they are actually burned out? I see in another thread you are having a few electrical problems.

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