What Toys should NOT to do at a Jeep Jam

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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
Yes I was riding in the passenger seat for this little adventure. Went to a one day Jeep Jamboree with a sort of co-worker of Bills and boy did we put on a show for them. We are ok, Bill did get his left hand out the window and it is cut and swollen but not broken and I got a very minor knuckle cut from bumping who knows what. The truck is also fine. It happened early in the day and after getting winched upright kept on wheelin'. In fact later we went on an extreme trail where we had a temproary clutch problem and coil wire off and had to be towed off in a Kodak moment.
Turned out the coil wire was off causing it to die out and overusing the clutch. All turned out well for the 120 mile drive home in Bills daily driver :p

Mrs. X
Wow Vicki, sorry to see that but I'm glad you guys are OK and the truck didn'nt get any worse damage. How did it happen?!? I assume that rock and a deep hole had something to do with it?
Good to know everyone is O.K. where was that at?
Well done!

But one question....HOW??
Mayhaps the driver side was charcoal heavy & threw the truck off balance

Glad you guys are ok. Now you can follow Carl without fear
Charcoal not the culprit as this was a one day affair.;p

The pics couldn't have turned out any better for making me look REALLY stupid and only shows the location of one of my two rock lights. The real culprit is hiding behind the guy in the yellow rain coat. Large rock on right + deep hole on left = a flop that i almost made it through. The front tire made it but the rear didn't.:confused: One person with a strap would have been all it took to keep it from flopping or maybe a sharp left and alot more skinny pedal.

This was at Washita on one of the logging roads.
I like the fact that you stayed in the drivers seat and rode it back upright, a captain should stay with his ship.
Bill and Vicki, Glad you guys are okay.

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