What time do you guys meet?

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Feb 28, 2008
I just recently learned of this group and was wondering what time you guys get together?
Sunset-ish until whenever the diehards go home. (we're kinda informal)

Does that mean you're going to grace us with your presence Carl?

No beer, cigar and a guitar tonight?

B-man: (insert Willy joke here)
Not sure if I'm going to go there Norm. I think the latest barage of vertically handicapped jokes scared Carl away. I actually like the guy, believe it or not, and would like for him to come on out to hang around tonight. Even if it's only for a short time.


I should be there around 6 or so. We typically hang till 12 or 1.
Who - a new, mellower BMAN:cheers: - thanks, dude...

Norm - you've got a lot of room to talk:flipoff2:
Norm - you've got a lot of room to talk:flipoff2:
I'm sorry, were you at either of the last two Sonic meets? :flipoff2:

I missed Charlu and the January meet because of family matters. Other than that I'd consider myself an "Active" member.

It's all good. I just have to embrace the New Carl. Look forward to seeing those somewhat new shoes on your rig.
Howdy! You can get a look at a recently converted V8 FJ60, maybe a diesel one, too. Lord only knows what/who else might show up!! John
Good catch ther KingBeeIII.

Like I tell my guys that work for me... "It's when I stop giving you s*** that you have to worry..."

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