What parts should be pewter on my 1973 40 (1 Viewer)

Oct 4, 2016
I would like to know what parts were originally the pewter color on my 1973 FJ40. The PO has painted some of this stuff and I can’t find a definitive list of what should be this color. I believe the list is as follows:

Front bumper

Rear bumperettes

Spare tire piece that the tire bolts to that is bolted to the carrier that swings

Speedometer face

Glove box door

Ash tray door

Fuel vapor separator cover

Rear heater

Seat backs

Plates on interior doors and round covers

Rear license plate light cover

Sun visor hardware.

Is there anything else or do I have anything on the list that should not be there. Please help. Thanks!
Mar 11, 2013
The only thing that comes to mind that is missing is possible the side mirrors.

I believe in my 78 the mirror arms are silverish patina.

Pls do your homework, just wanted to help but not familiar with the early style specs.

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