What not to do at a Jeep Jambo

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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
Yes I was riding in the passenger seat for this little adventure. Went to a one day Jeep Jamboree with a sort of co-worker of Bills and boy did we put on a show for them. We are ok, Bill did get his left hand out the window and it is cut and swollen but not broken and I got a very minor knuckle cut from bumping who knows what. I climbed out the window. The truck is also fine. It happened early in the day and after getting winched upright kept on wheelin'. In fact later we went on an extreme trail where we had a temproary clutch problem and coil wire off and had to be towed off in a Kodak moment.
Turned out the coil wire was off causing it to die out and overusing the clutch. All turned out well for the 120 mile drive home in Bills daily driver :p

Mrs. X
My god. I'm happy to hear you two made it through with minor injuries. I've seen the arm out the window scenario during a partial roll go really wrong more than once. It turns my stomach to see mad maX in that position. Glad to hear the truck is also fine.

How did it happen? besides the obvious that the true depth was obscured in the mud hole. Are there any lessons to be learned for future reference?
Well, the left side of that mudhole was very deep and there was a huge rock in the right side of the hole. It looked really like nothing and as we went through we leaned way drivers side then began to strighten out as if we'd just go on and then all of a sudden we were falling to drivers side. Bill may have a lesson learned on here later but that's the jest of what took place.
Lesson learned: Quit trying stuff the trucks not ready for. I'm obviously not bright enough to keep from doing just that.

The front end made it passed and I thought the back sould surely make it, not so much. One person could of held it with a strap, it was that close.:bang::bang::bang:
Hope you hadn't fixed the dent from Wa$hita. :D

Wow! Glad your both OK.
We're you the first and last in your group to try the mudhole? Was there a bypass? How could you know how deep it was?

Just trying to learn here.

Behind the guy in the yellow rain coat is the real culprit, a large rock that I could have gone on either side of but I decided to put the right side tires on insted. It was just a stupid mistake that most definately could have been avoided. I just wanted to up my own thrill factor.:whoops:
So you were kinda going along the edge of the water hazard, passenger side went up over the rock, and dumped you into the waterhole?
I was always led to believe the flames and the number 24 were painted on the bottom of you truck. Guess that was just a urban legend.
The right side I put on a large rock and the left went through a large mud hole that was deeper than I anticipated.

Maybe after this year I'll have enough body damage I will just go ahead and enter the King of the Hammers race.:eek:
I ain't scared of the skinny pedal.

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