What a night rolled the 62 on its side takeing a hill wrong DOH!

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Apr 25, 2005
Ok i layed my cruiser 62 model on its side driver side to be exact. Took a while but finaly figure out how to right it back up bla bla bla. Wish i had pics told old lady to bring the cam when she cam to help me out. Anyways.

My problem the truck started almost imediatly after we fliped it back over ran like a top like it did befor the flop. Well i shut it down let it sit there bullshyted with a dude that came by and gave me a hand while i was floped. Went to leave truck started made it 90 percent out the woods then start stumbling and coughin and idleing eratic.

Anyone got any ideas where to start besides replaceing the battery? I noticed it had few wet spots around the caps on it think it leaked out was on its side probly 2 hours or more. So what else should i look for

I noticed im getting no amprage. On the volt guage. think the altinator whent bad? Battery just died? Or something else went wrong. Also when i floped it It died out on me. Think the fuel pump could have hurt it self not bein in gas when i floped it?

Any ideas sugestions anything be helpfull

Only thing not realy trying to hear is this is why you dont wheel by your self.

I justr eplaced all the brakes wheel ylenders brake shoes master cylender. so had to try some hills ya no.:whoops:
Is it a sealed battery? If not, maybe most of the water leaked out while it was on its side.
Thats a bummer BRO!!! I would/ have done the same thing...wheeled by myself. Good thing that everyone was alright and not too much happened.:beer:

left rear fender got a decent dent in no creases tho. So im hopeing that i can p[ull the inside body pannel off and kick the dent back out of the rear fender . problem is its back there where rear tailight is. I cracked the edge of the tailight. But other wise no broken windows even after 125 lbs of tools landed on the big side window or the spare 32 inch tire i had in back for shyts and gigles.

The hill had three foot burms on boths sides of it. I tried goin back down it after i went up hit it at the wrong angle. Right front tire went up the burm left font went on the trail right rear was off the ground a foot and a half. so much for suspension flex l;ol. Had my friend jump out and try to stand on rear bumber he had been at the bar propr to meeting up with me so he thought everything was funny and didnt say nothin bout the tire bien lifted. His jumping up and down didntn work i jump out look at the situation And im like holly s*** im screwd. NO where for another vehicle to get by me in any way so im not gonna be able to be pulled backwards no winch on the truck no rear locker i think rear locker would have made it possible to back up . We moved everythign inside the truck to the tailgate . He started bouncen befor i got in and the truck moved three foot on its own i hurry and jump in it. Hit the brake he bounces one more time whole truck goes forward then over on driver side. Hell my dooor wasnt even shut all the way when this happen i had to grab the door and try to shut it befor it landed. \

had to hook two straps to a tree behind me . Four of us rocked it to flip back over started up drove back into the trail released a strap cut the other one because of tennsion and drove it out
im sure your fuel pump is ok as long as it was wired stock not hotwired im sure your battery is shot rule of thumb when i rolled my 40s you had 30 min. to get ir rolled over before the oil started going places like the carb and such im not sure 62 fuel injection would be affected with its being on its top but im sure it is not good for it. just one more thing ive got another thread heard you may want to do some wheeling in my area of west virginia
Im showing a constant discharg on my volt guage when i start the vehicle i thought the gbattery busted. I seen some wet spots around the cap on it. But wouldnt the altinator be showing a charge on the volt guage instead of a discharge? i had some oil leaking from somewhere i aitn had time to look at the truck today . I did get it started to turn it around so it parked right and the volts went down while just turning it around with no headlights or anything on.

I also pmed you back cruiser 88

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