Wanted Western, MI: 2008-2015, < 150k miles

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Vehicle Model
  1. 200 Series
Hi all,

After a couple of years behind the wheel of my current 100 I've been left wanting. More power, less torsion bars, a little more refinement now that I am getting older.

Not too picky except for mileage. Open to built trucks.

Desired: 2008 -2015.

Body: Any color, would prefer white and on the other hand not to get Black again but it does look good when clean.

Budget: I'm soft at $40,000 but I think I could go up depending on a built truck

Mileage: Looking for something with < 150,000

I am located in Michigan, willing to pick-up almost anywhere except west coast.
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I have a truck for sale right now that meets what you are looking for except for the mileage. Listed in the forum.
bump, still looking for the right one
Allow me to introduce you . . .

And let me know if you have any questions!

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