WELCOME to the newest Moderator...

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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Just a quick FYI to the 60/62 crowd...euclid (Greg) has been added as a moderator to this section. Greg is a regular off a few other maillists and forums and knows more than I need to on the 3FE stuff...lol

There is enuf traffic now in the 60/62 corner for both Mike and Greg to keep busy....which is good ;)

Happy Trails!!

(and, thanks to Greg for steppin up to assist!!)
Someone else to yell at me, Cool ;)
Euclid is a good person to have as moderator - he knows how to be fair, firm and make his point. :)

I know this from a exchange with him when I stepped on his logo/avatar in my early forays on mud. :eek:
Thanks folks. Hope I can help. I'll be adding some stuff to the FAQ over the next weeks, so if you see something that belongs there, PM me.
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Congrats Greg-:cheers:
mmw68 said:
Damn, ...Was there a vote on this? :flipoff2:

Sure am tempted to try out my new mod powers on your post there Mark. Oh, and no there wan't. :grinpimp:

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