Weird Starter / Ignition Issue -need help

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Jan 6, 2006
Strange problem with my 89 FJ62, and I'd like some advice: car ran fine, no problems. Then, parked overnight. Returned next night, started, cranked first time - as usual - caught and ran for 5 seconds. Immediately sputtered in a weird way, then died. Cranked again and noticed the clock had reset to a different time as if battery was shorted or there was some elec glitch. Kept cranking and only heard that irritating solenoid click, but no starter catch. If i wiggled the ignition on-off quickly the starter would catch, but never crank. As i tried for another 2-3 minutes i only got the clicking solenoid / ignition, but no starter. Starter is 2-3 years old, battery is 2 years old, charge is fine. Ideas? Thanks! - Jeff.
sounds like your starte could be going/shorting out. take somewhere and get it tested
What does your voltmeter read? Have you charged the battery since? Leave light(s), other accessories on?

Sounds like a short, bad ground, or corroded battery &/or starter cables.
The piece that jumps out loudly to me is the info that the clock reset the info that the batter is at full charge and is pretty new....

It's possible, and highly likely, that the battery/cable connections are corroded. Buy one of those cheapo battery terminal cleaner brushes. It'll also have a brush to clean the inside of the cable ends. Clean them both really well. Reinstall.

I'd bet a 10 spot that this will solve the problem.

Also, just for yucks, remove and clean all of the ground cables. Finally, clean the positive connection to the starter.

Corroded electrical connections causes lots of little (sometimes big) problems on old trucks.

Experience speaking...
Take a look at your battery connections. Take'em off and clean them.
check your fusible links wiring, look for cracked wiring. check all your grounds clean your connections. Check your Alternator output. Basically follow your FSM's directions and you'll find the culprit. I had a similar problem a few week ago. My problem ended up being my fusible links. Good luck to you.
Thanks team.

Turned out to be a loose connection to the starter - perhaps. Cleaning this, as well as re-checking the batt terminals seemed to help. In addition, just for the heck of it, i bought a new batterey even though the old one tested ok. Thanks for the good advice everyone.
i spend 1 day a month looking for broken fusable links. worth the time

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