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May 21, 2018
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Greetings to everyone. Thanks in advance for your time. I’ve got a weird issue I can’t figure out, and I hope the group’s collective wisdom can shed some light. Here goes:

2006 LX470

  • The car is dead.
  • While jumping the car, the electrical systems power on but the car won’t start (you can hear the starter clicking).
  • Battery tested 100% healthy.
Background info:
  • November 18: driver side headlight would not turn off.
    • I removed the fuse to prevent the light from draining the battery
    • It’s an aftermarket HID bulb kit from xenon depot (XD).
    • XD sent a replacement ballast, I replaced the ballast and it did not resolve the issue (the headlight would not turn off).
  • On November 23 the XD sent a replacement relay harness for the headlight
    • I swapped out the relay harness and the lights worked perfectly.
    • I did not start the car at this time (I just turned the ignition to on to test the lights)
    • The old harness looked awful (see pic below)


November 27:
    • I tried to start the car and it was dead. (first time I tried starting it after replaced the relay harness.)
    • I turned the ignition on and off a few times, and the car started and worked fine.
    • Started and drove the car a few times that day with no issues.
  • November 28:
    • Went on a 2 hour drive to check out Christmas lights.
    • Started up fine.
    • While driving all the following happened all at onceL dashboard cluster lights/headlights dimmed and at the sthe head unit rebooted
      • This happened 4 or 5 times during that drive
  • November 29
    • Car is dead (not even power locks work)
    • It will power on from a jump but it won’t jump start
    • Took the batter to auto parts store and they said it was 100% healthy.
I have no ideas. I really appreciate any feedback.

Thanks everyone!

Sep 11, 2017
Bozeman, MT
My rig recently had the alternator go out. Did some weird dash light stuff, all on, dimming, and such when the alternator wasn't putting out enough voltage to power all the electronic systems when car was running. Did this a few times over a couple of weeks before the alternator completely gave out, at which point the car would run a little (after a jump start) then die. Have you checked the voltage while car is running (if you can get it running again)? Would explain your dead battery too. If you're not getting 13.5V or better with the engine running, your alternator is most likely toast.


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Jul 30, 2016
pensacola fl.
who's relay harness is that? what company? I see who's it was now. I was just interested in it. I didn't know a bigger company made separates like that. Which line was that that melted/frayed?
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