Webster Pass/Red Cone 7/21

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Mar 4, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Alright, as we spoke in the June meeting I am planning a trip to the Webster Pass/ Red Cone are on Saturday, July 21st. I was only planning on a daytrip but I am open to an over-nighter if anyone is interested.

This is the first club trail run that I have planned so bear with me. Is there a normal meeting place to convoy up there? Stay tuned for more info on meeting time/place and what routes we will be taking.
Thanks for taking this on Greg, should be a good time.
Is there a normal meeting place to convoy up there?

a lot of people meet at the gas station at the idrahaje exit in bailey. there's also a parking lot to air down on the dirt road to red cone, but folks would have to know what dirt road to turn on to get to said parking lot. the gas station at the bottom of crow hill is another option, but there's not a lot of room there.
I was planning on making this trip, but I have some license upgrade classes that day. Bummer, going wheeling sounds like much more fun. Have fun and be careful. :cool:
I would like to get an idea of who is planning on making it on the 21st. I'm planning on a meeting place somewhere on the west side like Safeway on 31st and Colorado. So please post up if you are planning on going. Sorry you can't make it Luke. Come on out if anything changes.
I was hoping I would make it but it is looking like I have too much going on.

As for meeting places the spots we typically use if people want to drive together are the following:

North side - McDonalds at N. Academy and Hwy 83

West side - Western gas station on Hwy 24 just past Crystola and before Woodland Park.
I'd like to throw it out there one more time to see if there is any definites on people attending. Please post up if you plan on attending otherwise I may just cancel the trip.
I am hoping to make it, but have family coming in and haven't convinced them yet. Also found *both* batteries dead in the 80 this morning after letting it sit for 2 weeks?!? :bang:
Alright guys I am sorry to say I think I am going to postpone this run. I will probably revisit this in September if there are no other trail runs planned for a better attendance. I hope to see you guys.
That's too bad. Wish I could have made it. I wouldn't do red cone by myself either, smart decision. September may bring snow up that way.
I'm thinking early September. I'd like late August but I don't know who would want to go so soon after the Buena Vista Weekend.
Blazefighter if you still wanna go wheeling this wend were heading to BV for the ttora jamboree. we could head out together but not sure if were leaving friday night or sat morning. right now leaning more towards sat morning. for more info go here:
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