We need FJ CRUISERS for this Sedona Run:

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You have to be a member to view the thread..Details on this run..please!
is it on the 31st??? If so you got one more cruiser to count on...thru cruiserland/Garie???
I might be in for this one...thanks for the heads up....not an FJ, but kind of like one, only bigger, longer, and mall rated..:rolleyes:
You have to be a member to view the thread..Details on this run..please!

Join us in Sedona during their perfect time of year! This year will be a tad different. Besides running the famous Broken Arrow Trail, we'll also run another trail I'll bet most have never run...House Mountain. House Mountain is an extinct volcano and the trail ends at the crater's edge. :bounce:

Becky and I will arrive in Sedona on Friday and will be spending the night. If you plan to do the same, make reservations soon as hotels go quickly this time of year. Of course there's also lot's of camping nearby for you campers.


DATE: Saturday, March 31st (the following weekend is Easter Sunday)

MEETING PLACE: Coconino National Forest Visitor Center in the Village of Oak Creek. (We will buy a Red Rock Pass here for $5)
(This is NOT in Sedona. It's 7 miles south of Sedona. The Visitor Center is on the west side of AZ179 and about 1/2 mile south of the Outlet Mall)


CB CHANNEL 14...my cellular number is 520-975-1723

*House Mountain...~2.5
***Lunch Break***
*Broken Arrow...~2.5 with a couple of 3.0 options (The 4.0's you're not allowed on. )
*Time permitting and we'll run one more trail TBD by the runners. (Soldier's Pass, Oak Creek Homestead, or Pipeline)

Any high clearance 4x4 can complete these trails so don't hold back!

BRUSH: Little
I originally told Garie I was coming along but now I have to pass. Found out my son's Spring Cub Scout Camping trip is that weekend. Sounds like a fun run. Enjoy.
I should be back in AZ before then. Have room on the trail for another 80?
Man o Man.....what a sweet day for this trip. YOU ALL SHOULD COME UP AND RUN WITH US.......We got Cruisers, Runners, Tundras, FJ's......get your buns out there!

Mar 31 Sunny
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Doesn't get any better than this.

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