way to tell where

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Mar 31, 2015
rhode island hope valley
I was reading the info on wiki about the land cruiser models through the years.

It states some fj60s were made in Venezuela as well as japan...is there a way to tell

which country a given truck was assembled in?

did any one see the James may (top gear) show on the willys jeep?

He focused on various country's spinoffs and mentioned cruisers and their popularity in

Australia and they have a saying " if you want to go into the outback take a land rover if you want to come back take a land cruiser!"
The first digit in the VIN number (always left corner of the dash under the windshield - in the US at least) tells the country of assembly. The US codes are 1 and 5, Canada is 2, Mexico is 3, Germany is W (West Germany), J is Japan, I think England is G, and possibly Australia is A. I have no clue what Venezuela code might be or if one was ever assigned as I don't believe Venezuela made vehicles were ever imported in number to the US.


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