Water inside my truck

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Slightly Disturbed
Feb 3, 2006
Hi, any help would be appreciated. I just completed a major rust repair on my windsheild frame. Some good size holes near the top. I was getting water inside (around sun visors) that would drip out when I would go around a sharp turn after a major rain. Well I thought that after I patched and welded up all the holes the problem would be fixed. Well I was wrong we just had some rain in So. Cal and the same water problem is there! Whaere sould I look next for the leak. I was thinking of running a fresh bead of silicone around the rain gutters as I thought the leak was mabe from there but I dont know. Your opinions would be appreciated.

Ive had a nasty leak in my 85 fleetwood brougham for a long time. Ive had to cover the seats with towels when it rains, its got like 300+ thousand miles on it. Anyways, its coming in where the windshield has separated from the body, ive had to try and shoot silicone in there to seal it up. It still leaks but not so bad, i need to put more silicone in. Id pop all the trim off and see if its leaking from there. How did you patch the holes?
I know the windshield frame is 100% sealed. I cut out the rust then cut sheet metal patches shaped them, then weldeded it in place. I am de-cromed I wath thinking it may be the seam in the rain gutter. The old putty in the gutters seem kinda brittle and may have a leak.

Yup, da rain gutters: especially first few inches down the A pillar from the roof.

I made some goop (parrafin disolved coleman stove fuel - thick soup); poured in gutter, let set ( in Fla heat, took days) no more soggy carpets . . .
Had similar problem. check condition of your exterior window seals, water can get thru and leak from door bottom into cab.

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