Warn winch service

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Granite Grinder

Feb 2, 2005
Falkland, BC, Canada
So I never installed my Warn PowerPlant on the HJ due to the 24V issue. This winch sat on my shop floor for over a year waiting for a solution. The solution turned out to be the FJ62. So I install the winch bumper, then dual batteries, the the fridge and finally the winch. Get it all wired up and go to take it for a test spin... click, click, click. I have a power port that the winch plugs into, so I pull the plug and get the emory cloth out. Plug it back in and go for another test spin, I can power the winch line out, but not in, the air compressor works, but not as it should. I give Warn a call, explain the situation and the tech pretty much knows exactly what the problem is. Some kind of safety switch (non resettable), probably blew when the winch didn't get enough clean juice. Plus, Warn upgraded this part from aluminum to nickel. He starts to take my shipping info, and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for it. In the end he says he'll throw detailed instructions and the part in the mail, it showed up today... NO CHARGE... NADA... NOTHING. Kudos' to Warn, this winch is no longer under warranty, even though it has very few hours on it. Just thought I'd share, sometimes you don't hear enough positive about vendors.
I like the way you handled your 12V issue... :grinpimp:

Nice to hear any company actually standing behind their product.

Maybe if I write them they can tell me what the hell this this was doing in the bottom case of my 24V 8274.:eek:
That can't be good :whoops:
I cant figure out where it came from. So far all the gears look ok, with the exception of 1/2 a tooth here:
Brake and ball bearings look good though :grinpimp:
Oh baby, that 8274 needs some lovin'
More good news... :crybaby:
Norm, the corrosion pitting will come right off in the media blaster, no worries. Then put a preservative on there if it's going to be out in the open to prevent it's return.

The teeth are lookin' a bit gnarly, put a whole whack of high molybdenum content grease like Chevron's Moly Max on it when it's reassembled. That'll cut down on further wear.

I had to replace the crank timing gear on the 13B-T because the teeth were coming apart. The replacement wasn't what I was hoping for but it was an improvement.
Mike, the teeth are worse than that pic shows. I wouldn't want to re-use it.
No worries about the case hardening on the pitted gear?

I might have gotten lucky and found replacements for all the bad gears, so hopefully it'll be a moot point anyway. :bounce:

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