Warn 8274

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May 1, 2009
Its starting to look like I need to fabricate my own bumper....

I have a Warn 8274 winch that has been used maybe a dozen times since it was first purchased. This winch was given to me by a family member, so it was free! I have been doing some searching on the various aftermarket front bumpers available for the FJC and have not found one that will accept this tried and true work horse. :bang:

Is anyone out there running an FJC setup with this winch? For that matter does anyone know of any front bumper that will accept it?
Unless you can find one on the net (I been lookin'), I'm pretty sure that you are going to have to fab your own bumper or modify one already made. That winch is kind of an odd duck with that crown piece on top. I think that winch was designed to be mounted on top of straight flat bumpers like Jeep CJs and Yota FJ40s. But then I could be wrong.:rolleyes:
The 8274 is a great winch but really big for the FJC; custom will be the only way to go. It will hurt your approach angle, but probably no worse than the stock bumper if you do it right.
So far the Metal Tech bumper looks to be the best candidate. The way they mount the winch seems like a great idea, in addition the bumper is only 19 lbs over the stock bumper. This is paramount due to the 8274 weighing in at 110lbs...its a beast.

To my frustration I cant seem to get their email address to work, it auto replies and states that delivery permanently failed...FWIW the email for them I have is info@metaltech4x4.com. So I shot an email to one of their authorized installers to see if they could shed some light. As of yet I haven't heard anything back.

Anyone on here in contact with Metal Tech?
I heard that MT is going through a website upgrade soon, so may be related to a switchover. Another email address you can try: mark@metaltech4x4.com

Or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) works too...800-839-0684

They are on the west coast so wait until a reasonable hour to attempt a phone call.
Blast from the past, but I searched, and there was a thread on it already, so thought I would run with it :cheers:

I recently decided to go this route, and found with a little work the Exp One bar was pretty easy to make the high mount winch fit into.


We just cut the top out a bit, and fitted a new front tube, with an infill, and welded the right angle plate inise the bar, to tie it together.

We also strengthened the mount plates, so the bar wont come off [more on why that could happen below]


We have rebuilt the winch, and running a 9hp Bow motor now on the highmount, as well as some other mods, like switching 12/24 volt, at the control box, for 40 more speed, and grunt.

Also running a Masterpull extra long rope on it.


Now to go try it!

The 8274 mounts vertically doesn't it? In your picture, are the two fairlead bolts and the other two (in the new panel above) your main mounting bolts for the winch?
The 8274 mounts vertically doesn't it? In your picture, are the two fairlead bolts and the other two (in the new panel above) your main mounting bolts for the winch?


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