Wanted lift springs for my 45

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Dec 25, 2007
Sylva NC
I need a set of rear lift springs for my 45 swb truck. So let me know what you got or if you know of any. Any info will help. Thanks!
Alcan or OME - 2.5" from what I understand... pic one bud

Good luck

etc... sorry Thought you meant the TC... I now see you have a PU SWB
Luck nonetheless.

Alcans here. VERY happy. Less money and MORE height and spring rate options. In fact, I have not seen another lift with this kind of ride height AND spring rate. The way I wheel my truck, I really expected it to settle quite a bit. It's hardly changed at all.

And that includes a 300 mile run with the truck loaded to the bumpstops!

As you can tell, a satisfied customer.;)

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