Want to peel back roof liner to add back after installing roof rack

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Apr 19, 2019
Rockaway, NY
So I don't know if it's better to just drill through the liner or peel it back. But to keep water from dripping in, the rack supply company recommended that I peel back the liner vs going through it. Does anybody have any tips on how to peel back the liner on the hzj73?
No idea, but my observation on here is that no one mounts their roof rack directly to the top, that is feet on the flat part of the roof. They use a gutter mount over the front and rear doors if that makes sense. I think I have also seen gutter mounts bolted to the side for the rear legs. Maybe spend some time searching on here for pictures or try googling this.
Some people are mounting them directly on the top with canopy racks. That's the advice I decided to take so far. It might be a bad decision, but I believe it should work.

Here's an example FRP top and RTT ?

I got the yakima landing pad 6 for fiberglass tops which is common to use on jeep fiberglass tops, Seemed like a good direction. I have seen the gutter mount options but I just need two cross bars. Most of the options you mentioned are whole racks that are used for a lot more than just transporting surfboards.
It's kind of funny, the closer I look, the easier it actually looks. There's just screws going around the back and under the roll cage the roof is exposed. The liner is so thin though, taking it off and trying to hide the bolts under wouldn't appear to work. I'll post pics of the final work.
My roof was just stripped and it is direct stick to ceiling with approx 3mm of foam between ceiling and liner. PIA to remove and would not hide the bolt heads. I'd just drill straight through it. It's fibreglass so the roof won't rust and you could patch if required.
I haven't seen your landing pads but there is some strong transport sealants out there. Why don't you fix the front one to the gutter and just glue the landing pads in the centre ?
Just an update, I ended up drilling through the FRP top and the liner and added Yakima Skyline Towers with Landing Pad 6. Here's what it looks like.




It looks good. Make sure it is properly sealed.

How much weight can that rack hold?


It looks good. Make sure it is properly sealed.

How much weight can that rack hold?


The rack system comes with some sort of silicone sealant that I add liberally to add a seal. I only got the rack to hold surfboards but here's the data about the weight limits from Yakima:

BaseLine Tower set of 4 = 5.2 lbs
Small Core bar pair = 9.00 lbs
2 FrontLoaders = 13 lbs each, 26 lbs total
Total weight = 40.2 lbs
165 lbs limit - 40.2 lbs rack & accessories = 124.8 lbs available load capacity
The static weight limit can be higher then the dynamic weight. Our maximum static weight rating is 600 lbs.

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