walking camshaft

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May 24, 2010
im new to this forum but impressed with the information i have gathered. i do have 1 problem i cant seem to figure out though. the p/u is 1990 with 3.0. i lost compression on #5 cyl and checked things out. piston is compressing so i removed head. inspected everything and besides valve seals being worn, the camshaft front journal for front cap, on of lips holding it in place was bent and cracked. found used one and installed it 1st day it happened again. i torqued caps to 12#s and in order . bearings and caps are intact. Anybody everheard of this problem or like this problem before? any help would be appreciated.:wrench:
That is an odd one.

Closest I got is one time I was helping a buddy do a HG on his sister's 4Runner, when we pulled off the pass side valve cover we found the thrust ring for the #1 journal on the camshaft busted off, the pieces were laying in the oil galleys. He bought a new cam, we put it in, it's been fine ever since.

I keep the busted camshaft laying on my bookshelf in my office.

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