Vinyl flooring installation

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Dec 4, 2004
Just wrapped up installing a grey front vinyl set I bought from @reevesci and these are my observations.

First, I have little patience for this type of work and I don't think my skill set for it is the best:lol:, but my carpet was shot and the vinyl option seemed like the best way to go.

The vinyl comes as a flat sheet that is larger than the front carpet set so there's overlap at the sides and it extends further back toward the rear seats. I started by pulling out the front and rear set carpets and vacuuming up what could pass for a small archeological dig. I also pulled out the horizontal heater duct under the dash for more room under the dash.

Because the vinyl sheet is flat it does not conform to the floor shape as well as the carpet, but it will conform well enough.

A sharp utility razor will easily cut the vinyl.

I laid the vinyl out on a flat surface and overlaid my front carpet as a template. This was marginally successful as my carpet edges are worn, ripped, and tattered but this did provide good placement for the transmission-t-case shifter holes. I used the metal rings of the trany shifter and t-case boots to outline the cut-out for the shifters. This helped a lot.

I started on Friday afternoon and temps in AL these past three days have been hitting 100F. Vinyl loosens up a lot at higher temps and I don't think you could work in into the Cruiser easily if it were stiff.

The tranny-tcase hole is the only cut you need to initially make and it will be the most difficult because it will establish the point of no return. With this hole cut the vinyl can be set in and then you'll see where to make other cuts. I had to cut for the AC drip tube and a vertical bracket under the dash that drops down near the gas pedal.

With the vinyl in place as best a possible the seats can be set in. Lightly bolt in the seats at the rear (the vinyl will not cover the rear mounting holes) then the seats can be tilted forward to locate where to cut the carpet for the front mounts.

I had also pulled the kick panels and scuff plates. This is good time to replace the screws and plastic plugs of the scuff plates. There will be excess vinyl in the footwells and by pushing the kick panels in place a tracing can be made for cutting away the excess vinyl. The same can be done for trimming the vinyl along the outer edges for fitting under the scuff plates.

I have a few wrinkles in the vinyl but overall it looks good and I expect it to perform well.

I also bought this as insulation Thermozite Insulator Padding - Sound & Heat Solution. Four of the IP-48 which was ample to do the floor from the rear seats forward with enough remaining for the cargo area.

Thanks for the post.

Not sure what you mean by "flat". These are molded on a 60 floor pan and should mimic the contours extremely close from what I've experienced.

These copy the OEM front carpet set-up, so the front section wouldn't be long enough to get to the rear seat mounts.

I'd like to see your install pics to compare to others that will be coming in for reference.

Glad you think it looks good and will perform well for your needs.

Concerned over the "flat" comment, I pulled a 1984 front carpet and my new front vinyl for comparison. I tried to mimic the transmission hump on both for a quick reference.



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