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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Selling a very clean 2000 LX470. Bought it last year from a fellow club member here in PA, here's what he had to say about it:

""The sad reality of parting with my 100 series (2000 lx470) is beginning to sink in. I haven’t been driving her, we’ve recently purchased a 200, and my wife won’t let me keep it to turn it into an expedition rig. I’ve owned since 75k miles and have cared for it with an open wallet. It’s got an ARB bumper/winch and Slee’s step sliders. The underside of this truck has some surface rust but still just surface rust. The truck is close to 213k miles...

Within the last year or so, new Toyota pads/rotors, valve cover gaskets, Napa Gold monstrous AGM battery/all new military connectors/terminals, new 33” Duratracs, AC service, new Toyota rear control arms, shock bushings, starter, interior is clean and everything works great. I have every service record since I’ve owned the truck, along with most of the service records from Lexus when I bought it. The factory hydraulic suspension works perfect and the truck rides awesome! I replaced the front accumulators a couple of years ago and upgraded to the 100 king springs. I’ve been pretty militant with fluid changes and have done my own oil changes with Mobile1 and the Napa Gold filters. Probably lots more I’m forgetting..."

Rob bought the truck from the original owner from the Atlanta GA area. Yeah Rob was quite anal about maintenance on the truck and it shows. The truck runs great, rides like a dream and handles well. Pretty much everything works on it- I haven't been able to get the CD player to work (it has the Nakamichi system) but that might just be my not understanding how to load the CD player. Radio works great and sounds great, I've been listening to the music from my phone via a blue tooth adapter that plugs into the lighter socket. Heat and AC work perfectly. Truck has no vibrations anywhere and doesn't leak a drop of any fluids. In the miles I've put on her she hasn't used a drop of oil. Tires are Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 285/75-16 and are like new. Spare is the same size, is in good shape and holds air. Has a nice tan leather interior, I removed the third row seats but of course have them stored here. The aluminum wheels are in excellent condition. Engine sounds great, all running gear works as it should. The winch works fine, and of course the remote is included. All lights and wipers work as they should. The "D" indicator light on the dash is out, but all other shift positions light up on dash.

All windows work fine, all the doors and tailgate/liftgate close as they should. All the doors and glass look to be original and are genuine (marked) Toyota parts. Rob was concerned with some rust on the liftgate and right before I bought the truck found a perfect matching liftgate down in Georgia, bought it, and had it professionally installed. Looks awesome fits perfectly and is rust free. Cruise control, power sunroof, power mirrors all work well. The only rust I know of on the truck is a narrow 2-3 inch long rust area on the seam at the bottom of the tailgate on the driver side. There's a picture of it here. The underside of the truck has some surface rust here and there but nothing bad anywhere. Has a current PA inspection good till March 2020.

It is due for a timing belt replacement.

Since I had the truck I had a scratch on the passenger front fender professionally repaired (looks great). I replaced the spare tire lift mechanism to get away from the hokey factory wheel lock type socket that it used- and it now works great. Current mileage is appx 215K. I bought the truck to use as an expedition truck for my annual Colorado trips but my current arrangement dictates that I won't be driving out in my own vehicle. There is a large folder of receipts for work done over the years and I also have the original window sticker and all owners manuals. I don't need the Lexus now and can use the garage space that it currently occupies. Price is $6500 firm. That's what I paid for it and that's what I'll take for it. Of course I have a clean PA title in my name. This a turn key vehicle that you can buy, drive, and enjoy. Best to email me The truck is located in northeast PA not far off Interstates 80 and 81. I wouldn't hesitate at all to jump in and drive it anywhere.



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Mar 22, 2005
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Looks like a great deal from a real, longtime member :)

Nice truck!


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Mar 6, 2019
Central PA
OP - I just made an account to post that I'm very interested in this, and will be dropping an email your way soon.

I live in PA and would guesstimate within a 3-4 hr drive.

I've been a long-time lurker of Mud and actually attended HIH8 this past summer with westwardcruiser. I have like zero cred here otherwise, haha, but just trying to say I'm not completely out of the blue.
Jan 20, 2008
Great looking truck and really clean.

Just an FYI - you have to trim some of the sheet metal under the headlights area to get the bumper to slide further back so the side wings will line up with the fenders

Anyone know what the asking price was before it went off the market ?

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