Very bizarre issue with locks and alarm

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Jan 1, 2020
Looking for hypotheses to explain something really weird that happened yesterday on my 2002 LC.

I live way out in the country and leave the keys in the truck on the dashboard when parked at home, doors unlocked. Yesterday, I went out to the truck and was surprised to find all the doors locked, keys sitting there on the dashboard.

I went back to the house and grabbed our second set of keys (which we use not infrequently so I know they are programmed and work fine), went out and attempted to remote unlock the doors. There was no response, doors would not unlock.

I put the spare key in the door and manually unlocked the door. Alarm started going off.

I attempted to unlock or disarm the alarm with BOTH sets of keys and could not get the alarm to stop.

I put one of the keys in the ignition and started the truck, and that stopped the alarm. Turned the truck off.

Immediately after, neither one of the keys would lock or unlock the truck remotely.

Maybe a minute later, I *think* the locks cycled closed on their own, and after that, they functioned normally.

What the hell do you think happened here?

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