Vehicle pick up 300 miles round trip - Who to use?

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links, including eBay, Amazon, Skimlinks, and others. Got the 70 hauled from the US-CAN border for just over $200

646-722-9905 Eric Sailer (owner)
x2 on 1stcallautohaul, good guy, very up front!

I talked to him. The problem is that the bed is not on the truck and it would need to be strapped down to the frame. No big car carrier wants to deal with that. I need a guy with a flatbed or a trailer.
No way to bolt it on temporarily? If you get a regular tow truck you'll be paying $500 with everyone since you pay round trip. Car haulers you only pay one way. Throw the guy who owns the truck an extra $50 to bolt that f-er down.
Alex, maybe we can work something out in parts if you're not on a tight schedule and you want to take a road trip. :)

Or, if you can't find transport ..................... let me know, I'd be on that like a fly on poop. :D
what did you buy now?

I just locked it in, now I need to figure out how to get it. The guy is an old timer mechanic and he wanted this truck from the very day he saw it in the showroom. Someone else in town bought it and he'd get mad everytime it drove by him. Two years later in 1967, it got traded in and he bought it. It runs like a top and has 70K miles on it. After hearing the story, I don't know if I should part it or fix it. I just rented a two story, 3 bay garage so now I have some room. I wish I could rent some mechanical skills.






Being a 45 guy I would hate to see it parted. Although its in rough shape. Frame has been chopped in the back. What are your fab skills like or how much money do you have? You can always rent mechanical skills if you have the money. :D
Have you taken the trek out to go check it out. The hub caps are worth some cash and the other parts but without actually going to look at it I don't know that I would be spending the cash. Make sure that the parts you are picking up are usable.
I talked to that guy yesterday. I guess wally did not go up to get it. Oh well.

Edit. congrats! rare find. I meant oh well for him.
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Hey Alex, let me know if you part it...could use a few things.

PS...those caps look nice. I just purchased a couple sets for $50 per set...but I might need more of those also :)
You guys are stealing trucks out of my neighborhood!!! 15 miles away from me.
I can verify that it is as rusty as it looks, because anything from 1965 that survived in this area is sure to be rusty. I may know a guy that has a rollback that might bring it down to you.
Fix it! Don't become a flipper!

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