Parting Out Vancouver, BC, Canada, NEW Takeoff HZJ 79 2021 Complete truck(s) for parts only.


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Oct 2, 2005
Vancouver, B.C>
PM is the best way to get a quick response due to the amount of mail that comes in.

We will be receiving a brand new 2021 HZJ79 that will be dismantled for parts, so it will be available to ship within about 3 weeks or so.

We also have a plethora of new take off, used ex-mine and other 79 series parts available, especially ones for guys looking to make their own version of a 79 in the USA.

Before anyone asks, there are ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOO PAPERS or VINS for this vehicle and any reference to which will be mechanically removed before any part bearing the possibility of a VIN are sold and shipped. This is considered as strictly for repairs and maintenance of your own equipment.

Invoices for parts are available, lot and bulk deals considered. Discounts offered for shops and industry friendlies.

The very best thing is to PM me for contact and negotiations. I'd rather not make this a 5 page thread of chat.

Full, NTO AC system, $5,000 USD
Full Double Cab Frame, $8500 USD
Factory box $3000 USD
Industrial 1HZ Engine, $20,000 USD, Dressed
DOT Split rims w/ Dunlop E rated tires $150 USD ea




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