valve guide replacement?

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Mar 10, 2019
melbourne, Oz
I am cleaning up a used 2h cylinder head unknown kms. Not warped, did a dye test and cannot see any cracks with special attention around precups. I have seen used heads with cracks starting at precups, so know what they look like.

The old valve guides are a little over spec 9.060mm, it should be max 9.030mm. I have new ome valves, they don't jiggle in the guides, measuring at 8.97mm.
So the oil clearance is .09mm at present, the max is .10mm, pretty close to max.
(This is an intake valve, probably the worse one)

Surely in time, say 600000km, the guide shall wear some more, then become too loose?

What is the procedure of replacing valve guides please? Anyone done it themselves or get a shop to do it? Did a search but only get the valve seals coming up.
Manual calls for sst 0920160011, which I guess is like a long punch which fits inside the guide. Then use a reamer, I guess a 9mm one to achieve 9.01mm?

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