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Apr 23, 2003
Hi all I have a 1979 fj 40 and am doing a frame off restoration. It's going well too. My question: I'm adding a Chevy 350 into the cruiser and it will be mounted to my re-build standard four speed, what bell housing adapters do most people chose to purchase. I have read about a couple ( advance, Marks, downey) any suggestion on the most simple, least hassle one to install?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Dec 23, 2002
marks would be the easiest because it keeps the tranny in the stock location so no mods to driveshafts, no new holes in the body. the down side is it aint cheap $1500? but you wont need driveshafts so it may even out
Apr 20, 2003
instead of spending that cash on an expensive bell housing.. look for a used ranger od.. or ud... it will take up the space and with a little planning and some math../you can keep your driveshafts in the same place.. and use a chevy bell housing and clutch.. and you get your motor up away from the firewall and near where you can get a radiator shroud to work/// and YOU GET TO SPLIT ALL the gears...

a much better investment i think especially seeing that your dropping bling bling for the restoratio already...

i would seriously consider a sm465 tranny also.. MUCH tougher than the yoda and has a lower 1st gear

course if it were me... i would go 700r4 gm od auto

just my .02
Apr 20, 2003
Don't waste your time and money with the 4 speed tranny. Go with a chevy sm465 or a sm420 if youre into rock crawling and a fj40 3 speed transfer case, check out classic crusiers web site and call chris or mel they'll set you up. This is the setup I'm running.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Prior to the SM465, I ran the AA and liked it. The inspection plate is nice for cleaning out junk, the the Downey 180 degree housing with no inspection is going to be stronger.

IMO, price shop, and watch the sale stuff here and at pirate4x4.com. Most guys are switching to the SM420 or SM465 for the granny gear and are selling bellhousings.

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