Urwis - sold...

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Aug 16, 2005
Thank you Rob, Steve and Maciek and everybody else who has helped me with my 40 over the years...
It has been a great adventure.
Eric picked it up today and is on his way home to Lethbridge, AB.
Eric has owned a BJ-40 since 1994. He kept is stock and drove it until it past away. Urwis is now His second LC.

Even though Urwis is no longer parked next to the 80, the JDM still looks at me as if I had killed its grandmother with a rolled up newspaper. I guess true love takes time to develop...LOL.

sorry to hear about the loss i KNOW your pain .
Marcin take my condolence
Your stronger than me, I still have my first LC. Bought her in 1987 and couldn't bear to give her up. Geez, I've owned Ducky for 21 years... where does the time go.
As long as you are happy then so am I. Still a sad day in Cruiser History
To lose your first L.C. love would be hard thing to do.Thank God I'll never know that feeling.My wife thinks I joke when I say I want to be buried sitting up in Elsie.
Yep, still got my first as well 20 years later!! Like most, I've added to the fleet.
you had an excellent 40 Marcin..........but at least its going to a good home.

congratulations/my condolences on the sale.

It must be tough to part with such a beautiful, well kept, 40.

I can't imagine doing it but then again, I'm a buyer, not a seller.
Grats Marcin
Urwis will be missed "Cruiser Of the Land" We will drink for him on May long :)

He will live on ,not like my First one :( RIP Big Red :(

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