Upper dashpad support shelf angles

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Dec 28, 2006
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Mine may have become 'misaligned' somewhere along the way. The bracket that screws to the dash pad then clips in support shelf on the upper inner dash doesn't line up on mine. Either it binds the dash pad hard and scraping paint or the shelf is bent (not an impossibility).

This is what I got. Anyone have any pics of the same?

I think you have the bracket oriented the wrong way. I just replaced my dash pad, and have some pics on my phone but no way to upload them here at work. The part of the bracket that is resting on the tape in your picture should be facing towards the windshield. It screws into the pad and the clips on the bracket slide down into the openings on the dash.
In other words, the tabs on the bracket slide into the space where you currently have the bracket if I recall correctly. Hope that makes sense.
Those little punched tabs on the bracket threw me off too. I had to install a new dash from scratch as mine didn't have one. It took me a minute to realize there just there to help keep pressure when it slides behind the larger clips on the cowl. FWIW 1-1/8" brass hardware store bushings work as a good replacement for the original piece between the windshield knob bracket and windshield. I was missing those as well.
Wait...is that right? It's facing the right way but it looks like you have it screwed into the leading foam edge, not the underside? There should be a metal flat cast inside the dash with holes that line up for the bracket. Mine isn't here at the house so I can't take a picture but the top of your dash should be parallel(ish) with the top of hood. Maybe it is and the camera angle is just throwing me off.

Edit: Disregard. I was remembering it wrong. Obviously you've got it in the right spot.
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Great info. Thanks!

This is what it should look like. There is metal strip inside of Toyota dash pad that the clip screws into.

I'm not saying yours is not right but it looks a little far forward.

I thought I would post a couple more pictures of the main clip off the dash. This is of a '79, 40. The angle is 10 degree. When I set it on the cowl it was Zero degrees. But to be honest this 40 is on blocks and the front end looks a little higher than the rear??? Hopefully it gives some reference.
clip angle.jpg

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