Upgrading suspension without lift..

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Apr 9, 2011
I know this may not seem the normal route on the forums but I am interested in thoughts on upgrading without lifting my 2000 LC.

Recently traveled up north and noticed that when I have the rear loaded up with gear I get a fair amount of sagging in the rear end for one, and things seem a bit worn and bouncy in general as (its all original 130K). Most of my usage will be overland'ish travel around AZ, no desire or need for rock crawling. I already have upgraded the tires to 275/75/16 and am looking at suspension next so I can get off the beaten path for some exploring and camping (and the front shocks are starting to leak anyways).

I saw that OME offers what is close to a no-lift upgrade kit for the 80 series but not the 100. I am basically looking to be able to stiffen up the rear a bit for carrying cargo and improving the handling and trail responsiveness while keeping a basically stock height.

Any leads on what I should consider would be greatly appreciated as I’m fine with complete kit or piecing it together separately. Oh, no plans for front or rear bumpers on this Rig..

Stiffen up your front with new torsion bars but just loosen them up to lower the front to the same height as stock.

As for the rear, I would look at springs from OME that aren't that much taller than stock but have a stiffer spring constant.
I don't remember hearing of anything like this. Are you willing to go custom? There are some makers for custom torsion springs and coil springs out there. I don't have any experience with them, but I have heard reasonably good things about custom leaf spring packs before.
Dont really feel like my needs are custom but maybe they are. If the Slee torsion bars will stiffen and improve the stock ride that may be a winning start.

I figured there is likely someone out there with similar needs so cant hurt to ask..
You might consider a set of air bags for the rear and a new set of shocks. You would be able to stiffen it up as needed with the bags by adjusting the air pressure in them.
Bilstien makes a stiffer shock for OEM ride height.

You could also stick to OEM shocks since you don't plan to lift and if you like the ride...

OME has a pretty wide range of springs. I am sure if you contact one of the vendors, they can help you find the right spring.

Or you could keep stock springs and run air bags for those heavier loads.

Without bumpers and a lift, I would leave the tbars stock.

Headed out of town. But am more than happy to answer any questions....
The air bag suspension lift sounds like the best way for you to go, that way you don't compromise your daily road ride, but you can level out your rig when you load it out to explore.
You can try Deaver Springs, here in Santa Ana, CA. Deaver Suspension for a set of custom rear coil springs.
I've used them before for leaf spring packs for my expo F350 CrewCab and they gave me great articulation and ride. They're not too expensive, but will be more than an off-the-shelf spring.

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