Update the TLCA Logo?

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Jan 2, 2003
Has this been brought up recently? I thought I'd throw it out for discussion. I know that there will be some folks for it and some against, but here are some of my thoughts:

When NBA/NFL etc. franchises are looking to breath new life into sales of products displaying team images/logos, an update of mascots/logos/uniforms often takes place.

I don't know how well TLCA stickers/mugs/caps/t-shirts sell, and maybe they are raking in all sorts of cash, but if this is not the case maybe an updated logo would help.

Y'all may be sick of hearing Lone Star Land Cruisers used as an example, but I think that the club's logo is a great example. It's updated, sharp, good looking and has a lot of class. It leans away from a cartoonish Land Cruiser and uses a computer-generated 40 that looks great.
I don't especially like the TLCA's logo, but do respect the fact that it's been around a long time. I am not proposing a new or even updated logo...I just thought it an item worthy of discussion as it seems like a good way to generate revenue for the organization.
actually, they are on their 2nd logo rendition now...not sure when the change occurred tho....IIRC, early 90's....
To me, the lone star logo looks like a mirror image of the Tlca with some background changes. Nothing special. Cartoonish?
While changing the logo would probably help merch sales, I honestly cannot think of a tougher task.

I know for our club, choosing the logo was the second most difficult effort to complete.

Even creating the 25th anniv logo was tough... you just can't please everyone.

but I will also note that we are augmenting the logo design for merch sales... not changing the logo, just adding a twist for merchandise.

Also, the current colors are hard to work with...

I'm not even ready to tackle this effort. :ugh:
Okay, cartoonish was a bad choice of words. There is a distinct difference between "hand-drawn" art, photographic art and computer-generated art. I like the computer generated stuff.

LSLC's logo is similar. I guess it's the colors and the use of a computer-generated image that sets it apart.

I can see that it would be headache-of-a-task to tackle, especially with all of the other balls that are being juggled right now! Just a topic of conversation.

P.S. The Jeep in the ARB ad doesn't bother me a bit.

garth, why would a logo with a lot of class help tlca? i personally liked the original logo better.
I realize it would be tough, but I agree the logo looks dated. I also think think that an updated logo could help the TLCA by selling merchandise and attracting folks. The surrent logo looks very early 80s to me. The idea of a logo with more class might attract people who don't want to be in a club run out of somebody's treehouse, but a national organization with staff, organization and power. I kind of liked the origonal better too, but I think it portrayed the former rather than the latter.
There are advantages to both types of organizations. I don't think the current logo actually portrays either very well. It just looks stale.
Again, just a topic for discussion as I see many organizations getting bogged down in minutia like the logo and mission statement when real work needs to be done. Tony seems to have the TLCA on the right track and I sure don't want to even suggest derailing the train now. :D

Anyone have a digital of the earlier logo? The one above is current, AFAIK.

I'm in the process of finalizing a new ih8mud.com logo for the site. Believe me, it's a pain. Site updates alone will take a fair amount of time. Fortunately, I have little to deal with in the merchandise realm, but my wife is already begging for shirts and stuff with the new logo.

One thing I shot for was a more generic logo, and not like the FJ40 specific one on the main page. With the number of 55-60-62-80-100 owners growing and accessing the site more and more, something less 40-ish seemed appropriate.

With luck, the new logo and some minor visual site changes will be up and done next week....
I like the old logo to. It can't be found on that Ebay auction anymore. It has been past 30 days. I tried. I had suggested last year right after 9-11 that we take the current logo and do the whole thing in red/white/blue instead of the current colors.

I wouldn't mind seeing some new logos made for the newer rigs. Right now my 80 sports LCML decals with the 55 and 60 series to pay tribute to the wagons before it. It also sports two 40s on club decals. I wouldn't mind seeing a collage logo made up of multiple models of Cruisers. Sort of like Rainey's Rebuild Restore Recycle shirts or the Yankee Toys logo.

60/62 series owners suffer from not much merchandise. I know the 45 folks suffer even more but there are fewer of them. And there is at least a few 55 specific items. 80 series folks do OK due to the Australians. But there is a need. I always thought I should design the stuff for the 60. But I'm not computer savy or rich enough to do it.

I brought the subject up for discussion for one reason: Revenue. Logos are reinvented all of the time, advertising strategies changed, etc. to generate a new interest and bring in more money. I know that the TLCA is on the rebound and thought that this might be a good way to increase the bank account. I agree with Gumby that the current logo looks dated. If an updated logo were created it may help to increase sales of caps, t-shirts, mugs etc. and could supplement membership dues and help to grow the organization. I used the LSLC logo as an example because, after the club put it on the back of a shirt, the shirt became VERY popular with Cruiserheads all over. I'm not bagging on the current logo so much as trying to create a discussion that might lead to a way to help the TLCA financialy. Actually, you throw the current logo on a heavy-weight "ringer" t-shirt and it's right up my alley... of course my alley was created in the 80's!

To generate revenue, I would like to see a limited release of the original logo, or a limited release of some kind. this is easier for the board to do. Changing a logo is rather difficult to do.

This also gives the purist's and collectors something to collect and with the limited release you can do it again in a few years

Examples Disney Movies, The Movie ET, Hardees Resturants California raisins.

Just My take on things.
I think Chris' idea is excellent. Many companies have capitalized on Retro items... the athletic shoe industry is a prime example.
Something that may generate income would be a license plate frame with Toyota Land Cruiser Association and the web address.

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