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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Am I correct in assuming that when Skyjacker means "Spring bushings" they only mean the bushings that go in the eyes of the leaf spring, and not all the bushings including those that go in the shackle? Installing my lift last night I realized after completely installing a spring, that I no longer had enough bushings to go in all the springs. I'm just making sure I didn't get hosed and that I do need to go out and buy 8 poly bushings to put in the shackles.
Yup, you'll need 8 more.
That's pretty standard unless you get a kit that has shackles included. They're cheap though. Where did you buy the springs?
you got it....only enuf bushings for the spring themselves....you need the 8 others for the frame-side shackle mounts.

SOR.com has quite a few size options to match either metric or SAE shackle bolt sizes.
Ok, since I have to have the lift done by tomorrow for parental reasons i will just re-use the 8 old ones and then replace them in two weeks after exams with ones from SOR. Thanks guys.

i've been meanin to ask you for a while, but i never got around to it.

where are you in georgia? i go to clemson, so i'm only about 45 min from athens when i'm at school

that said, you wanna go wheelin sometime when i get my 40 back together and workin? i live just south of charlotte, so we could hit up uwharrie or maybe some place down closer to you. whatever.

just shoot me an email or somethin,
ahh, atl.

i just checked your profile. i've got some friends at emory and tech. things just may work out.
Sure man, My dad played baseball at Clemson, pitched and they went to the College World Series every year he was there. Let me know if you come in town, we'll have to find a place to go. :D

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