Unloading majority of an 79 FJ40 project, narrow time window 12/4 -12/9 (1 Viewer)


Apr 13, 2003
Ridgway, CO
Hello New England Cruiser-heads. Here's the story: I've moved to Colorado and wasn't able to bring out my 79 FJ40 project I've had since around 1999. I have since moved on to other Cruisers, this one needs to move on. I would like to unload everything at once, I unfortunately just don't have enough time to part it out, first person who can bring a truck and trailer and $400 gets it.
I will be back east from December 4 to the 9th, so unfortunately a very small time window, but I will keep my schedule as open as possible during that time.
The rig is located in Tinmouth Vermont (05773), that's central VT, near Killington and Okemo ski resorts.
I will be keeping some of the parts for my other 40 series rigs but the majority I'd like to see put to good use. This project has lived in a barn or a garage the vast majority of the time I've owned it, if it was out side it was well covered. Most of the work was done sometime around 1999 to 2003.
What IS NOT available:
Aqualu tub, windshield frame, front axle, seats, FJ60 wheels, drive shafts and hard top

What is included:
79 FJ40 chassis with a NY title, that was blasted and coated with POR15 inside and out, it has a shackle reversal and the previous owner had removed the rear crossmember and spring/shackle hangers, I have original parts to fix that.
Original fuel tank, was coated in POR-15
Mini-truck power steering box with Worry brackets and a new saginaw pump
A low mileage 2F (aprox 60k/mi is what I was told when I bought it), was completely cleaned, painted and new gaskets installed. Can be turned over by hand easily. This should be considered a long block as I don't think I have a distributer or alternator and or a few other misc parts.
Original radiator was flushed, in good shape
Flywheel was resurfaced and the clutch is "new" as in there are no miles on the clutch
Stock 4-speed transmission with 3-speed t-case, TPI adapter parts
Stock rear axle,
Front 3.5" and 5.5" rear Alcan springs, these have no miles on them
Misc. interior parts,
73 Cowl is in overall decent shape, it does have a few pin holes in the lower rocker area
79 doors with rust at bottoms, rebuildable
77 hood, has one small rust spot, overall, very usable
Best top soft top, rough shape, but repairable.
There's plenty more small parts there, this list represents the bigger parts. Asking $400 but getting this stuff to someone who can use it would be great. There is equipment where the rig is presently located so loading will be easy. Please send a pm with any questions. Thanks

I will upload what pics I can find asap

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