turning noise issue

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May 28, 2009
hey,just fixed my inner axle seal/wheel bearings/new grease etc etc.........

i have checked my preload 3 times now since i did it many days ago
i have done this because i have a little grunting sound (feels power steering) only when i turn left,and it starts about 1/4 into the turn,i have gone over my process of bearing replace and have done it to manual and been very anal over the situation....]

i have had my power steering pump leaking a month or two ago but did the bolts up tighter and no leek atm:hmm:,,,,,

it is noticable at slow tight corners obviously cause im not going round a corner at light speed.

when i move the wheels from side to side(front end off ground)
when turning left i get a pressure sound about half way,and is coming from PS pump area....

and the bearings sound smooth etc when i am turning them.

so im in need of any ideas of whats happenen to me truck,
thanx ahead
The engine is off when the wheels are off the ground and you turn side to side and you hear a noise at the PS steering pump? Check your PS fluid level and make sure you don't have any air in the system.
K, i looked in manual and bled it, i have to admit it did help it, and the noise is more of a creeking sound,but it is not as bad...:hmm::hmm:in other words its still there
hey,just went 4 a :steer: and did slow figure of eights in a carpark,and with my engine running the creeking sound is there, and when my engine is off and i turn its not there,so the PS pump somehow is dying or:hmm:.....

can get a kit 4 it easily,but is this definatly the prob:confused:

what ya think..
I have the same issue, find the problem? Find a solution?

hey mate,yeh,not 100%,

just kept turning my wheel from left to right,and it has gone away nearly all of it,still a tiny grunt if i really get listening,(will need to rebuild pump sometime)

but yeh, as said above it does take a while,

good luck

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