tundra wheels

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do a search, this sort of thing has been discussed 1000 times.
I believe there is a thread where someone mounted these on their truck without any spacers. they should fit without spacers unless you put a tire on it that is big enough to rub. I have the 18" Tundra 5 spoke wheels on mine and they came off a 2009 Tundra.
Might depend upon what size tire you eventually want to run. I don't believe you'll have any problems with a stock size, but start going into 33" tires, and you might.
I have the non-trd alloy wheels with 33.2" tires (275/70/18) and they do not rub.
Yea I decided not to get them. Went with BFG all terrain tires for the time being. Gonna ride them on stocks until I see something I really really like.

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